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8 things you should never do on a plane


Many times when we get on a plane, we are more excited about our destination or nervous about the flight, especially if it’s our first-ever plane flight, and the last thing we think about is everything we shouldn’t be doing.

To walk without shoes. 

Many surcharges have had to see several passengers walking barefoot on the plane, especially on long flights. And there is nothing worse you can do. In addition to being extremely dirty, you run the risk of cutting yourself by some glass that has fallen and has not been cleaned well. So next time when you are on a plane, don’t think to walk barefoot.

2. Ask for ice or water that is not bottled 

According to an EPA study, aircraft water can contain a lot of bacteria. In fact, only 15% of the water studied went through the quality filters. The same goes for ice, so you better order your drink without ice or bottled water. And always ask for bottled water.

3. Stay all the time in your seat

Especially on long flights and if you do it frequently, it is not recommended that you stay all the time in the same position. It has been found that you may be prone to developing deep vein thrombosis, which is a condition in the veins of the legs and is even known as the “Tourist Class Syndrome.”

If you can’t get up, try to do some stretching in your place at least every hour.

4. Wear contact lenses 

We love them, but taking them on a flight is not the best for our eyes. The air can cause irritation from becoming dry or filled with dust. It is best to take your frame lenses.

5. Eat the snacks that fell on your table 

We can think that nothing happens because visibly nothing is seen nearby. However, these tables are not always disinfected between flights, so imagine how dirty they can be.

6. Use the blankets

Unless you’re on the edge of hypothermia, don’t use them. Imagine all the people who used these, and nobody knows how these are being used, so it is better to prevent them. And those blankets are not washed until several subsequent flights.

7. Hydrate yourself 

If I already left you traumatized by the ice, do not go to the extreme, because it is necessary to stay hydrated on the flight. At 8,000 feet, it will be easier for you to start dehydrating because of the low humidity in the environment. So ask for your bottled water or some other drink.

8. Drink too much alcohol 

Drinking more alcohol can make you more dehydrated; drinking on an airplane can make you hit much faster due to low humidity and pressurization of the air. So it is recommended not to drink too much alcohol on a plane.



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