The Ultimate Guide to Traveling by Train in Morocco

travel by train in morocco

Making your way close to Morocco by train can be actually a significant alternative for several sorts of tourists. This is truly a quick, economical, and wonderful approach to observe a number of these unbelievable scenes involving metropolitan areas.

Whilst there clearly wasn’t a broad network of trains, so you are going to discover that most holiday destinations within Morocco are nicely joined.  If you would like to do a little bit of city leaping along with research spots like Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, Rabat, Oujda, Tangier, or even Meknes, simply jump!

Where You Can Purchase Train Tickets in Morocco

In Morocco, it is very easy to order your train tickets.  You may get details about time tables and deals on the ONCF website,   simply check out the closest train station to reserve your own tickets. Remember to draw in cash! You may be capable of using your charge cards but do not rely on it.

It is advisable to reserve your seat beforehand to make sure you get to your location. The channels have been consistently located and you also may get tickets a couple of weeks ahead of time, therefore only catch them when it is truly convenient.

Educate Ticket Bargains in Morocco

You may get very important points about ticket and pricing alternatives on the ONCF website.  As the website is just in French or Arabic, the selections will be rather easy (simply open it on your own browser and Google translate will convert it into English). Additionally, you will discover that lots of ONCF workers speak English. Therefore, they really could usually aid you in the channel.

For each travel, you may possess the choice of second or first type chairs. Price varies based on destination. However, you may rarely find original courses costing $ 1-5 + longer than the next category.

For nighttime trains, now you have an option of auto vehicles. Considering that it guarantees your lodging and travel at nighttime, and it is really super cheap.

Traveling Instances for Well-liked Educate Routes in Morocco

Broadly speaking,  taking the rapid trains are about 30 percent higher priced but substantially faster.

ROUTE Travel-time

Marrakech into Casablanca 3 Hrs 10  minutes

Marrakech into Fes 7 Hrs 10 minutes

Marrakech into Rabat 4 Hrs 1-5 minutes

Tangier to Marrakech (Over-night Educate ) 10 Hrs

Tangier into Casablanca 6 hours weekly

Casablanca into Fes 4 Hrs

Casablanca to Casablanca Airport Terminal 3 2  minutes

Rabat into Fes two hours Thirty Minutes


In case your metropolitan areas are not connected with train, then check-out Supra-tours buses. They’ve been controlled by ONCF.  They are truly a dependable means of traveling. And, later in July 2018, there is definitely going to be a brand new high speed (TGV) lineup to connect Tangier, Rabat, and Casablanca.

First-class Compared to Second-class

You are going to locate every educate at Morocco split into pockets, together with six folks in a very first-class compartment along with eight folks within a compartment that was overburdened. After you reserve for exceptional, you are certain to find that a specific seat booked for you personally. After you reserve an instant course, you are going to only find any chair that is vacant.

Due to the fact that the rates are incredibly affordable, I would urge consistently choosing the original course. You may purchase traveling fare for as low as $20.  The truth is that you could possibly get a seven-day move to get less than $100 (with more discount rates accessible when you are below 26 years of age) that’ll simply take you anywhere in the nation.

If you are just traveling for a couple of hours, then the class is not a really significant thing. In case you are moving immediately, the top category is indispensable. Believe in me personally, you’ll find nothing worse than coming in the vacation spot fatigued, tired,   and hungry.


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